André Baldez Bolognesi


São Paulo. The largest city in the Southern hemisphere. Population: 12 million people. 1.4 cars per resident.

A constant scenario of traffic jams, pollution, noise, restricted space, lack of mobility and stress. The population needed alternative ways to commute and move through the city.

Bradesco, one of the largest private banks in Brazil, stepped in and launched what later would become the biggest urban mobility project in South America: CONVIVA. CONVIVA = COEXIST

Conviva is a platform that enables people to enjoy the city from a different perspective: pedaling.

Conviva brought the bicycles back to the streets by spreading bike-sharing stations and exclusive bike lanes all over the city connecting its main parks, recreational areas, museums, and cultural centers. 

The Conviva app not only indicates the location of Bradesco bike-sharing stations but also the best routes. 

Conviva is more than a movement. It’s a campaign constantly crusading, raising awareness and bringing people in the conversation about safe, new and conscious ways to coexist in traffic.

Since its launch, Conviva has been the main alternative for thousands of users every day, making accidents involving cyclists decrease by 23%

True to its name, Conviva keeps making the city of São Paulo a better place to live together.